Election Lawsuits in Michigan Center on Battle Over Mail-In Vote Count

Republicans are calling for the rejection of Detroit’s election results over misconduct allegations that a judge ruled were unfounded

Russian President Vladimir Putin hasn't congratulated President-elect Joe Biden, and state media appears largely to be echoing the Trump campaign’s unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud. Here’s what the U.S. elections and their aftermath look like on Russian television. Photo composite: VGTRK/Channel One Russia

DETROIT—President Trump’s bid to contest Michigan’s election results has fueled a fierce partisan dispute over allegations of misconduct at Detroit’s absentee-ballot counting center that officials from both parties say will undermine faith in the ultimate outcome.

In court filings and interviews, Republican poll challengers and lawyers said they witnessed election workers engage in wrongdoing at the TCF Center, a convention center in downtown Detroit, and were excluded from the ballot-checking process. The allegations—which a Michigan state judge last week rejected as unfounded—have underpinned lawsuits by the Trump campaign and the Great Lakes Justice Center, a conservative legal group, seeking to stop the certification of Detroit’s vote.

President-elect Joe Biden won 94% of Detroit’s vote, according to unofficial results, and won Michigan, a crucial battleground with 16 Electoral College votes, by 146,000 votes. Mr. Trump hasn’t conceded the race and has initiated a series of lawsuits challenging results in several states. No evidence of widespread fraud has emerged.

Detroit election workers, Democratic challengers and city officials said Republicans accosted workers at the TCF Center, raising baseless challenges to ballots and violating social-distancing rules. They described a hostile environment where predominantly white ballot challengers from the suburbs questioned the work of Black poll workers.

The dispute has led to calls by Republicans for the bipartisan Wayne County Board of Canvassers to reject certification of Detroit’s vote at its meeting Tuesday. Wayne County includes Detroit.

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