Remembering Sean Connery: Iconic James Bond and Actor’s Actor

While Sean Connery, who just died, is best known for his performances in films like the Bond franchise, ‘The Hunt for Red October’ and ‘The Untouchables,’ some of the Scottish actor’s best roles are his least known.

Sean Connery in ‘The Hunt for Red October’

Photo: Mondadori via Getty Images

One of the rituals of James Bond films has always been the presentation of the weapons—all those intricately lethal gizmos and multitasking vehicles for James to use on his far-flung missions in the course of finding the villain, seducing the woman and saving the world. But the most potent weapon of the franchise, as it found its style, seduced a vast audience and took over the movie world, was Sean Connery, the singular Scotsman who first played Bond in “Dr. No” almost 60 years ago, who defined him unto the ages and who died at age 90 in Nassau, Bahamas.


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