‘Roadkill’ Review: A Political Career in Peril

Hugh Laurie stars as a British cabinet minister beset by scandal in a ‘Masterpiece’ series from David Hare.

Iain De Caestecker, Hugh Laurie and Pippa Bennett-Warner in ‘Roadkill’


Devotees of U.K. drama on American public television are likely to have a Pavlovian response to the prospect of “Roadkill,” a four-part exercise in political intrigue starring Hugh Laurie, written by David Hare, and set amid the highest levels of British government and misbehavior. “Masterpiece” viewers will, by experience, be expecting straightforward storytelling, dramatic directness, a style-free but purposeful drive, albeit down the wrong side of the street. “Roadkill” will reward this anticipation with U-turns, detours and potholes of illogic.


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