The intelligent, human-like machines long promised by science fiction still don’t exist, but they’ve played an important role in the modern imagination.6

Off Duty Travel

While you’re waiting for the borders to reopen, why not take a culinary trip by way of French fromage? Here, five tantalizing, regional tastes handpicked by one of France’s top cheesemongers.15


Treadmill or exercise bike threatening to scuttle your interior-design plan? It doesn’t have to. Here, strategies to finesse the gym that’s landed in your bedroom.

Food & Drink

Startups around the country are looking to lighten the burden on landfills by offering takeout in reusable containers. Will consumers get on board?20

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    Vinnie Ream’s sculpture of Abraham Lincoln, which appeared in photos from the recent Capitol riots, has long had its detractors; now the time is ripe for a positive reassessment.


    A new exhibition at Arkansas’s Crystal Bridges Museum explores the art of craft.