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            1/17/2017 3:39PM     

            Creating the Future Workforce

            The digital revolution is not so much about how digital is forcing change on working people, but how people are forcing change on their employers. But are leaders ready to create the future workforce?


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            ... well ... all ... else ... the workplace ... Monday was here that such a great ... it's um a little about the nature of what you ... I leave the ... strategy ... Center which is actually ... fifteen or seventeen thousand people of the century into strategy worked for my next project were mostly in the digital age mostly ... technology based strategy ... in every industry that it ... works ... second year in your arms Here connected hat ... as health Informatics at that's without me ... well what it means is that we go ... we delivered the systems for ... it in intensive care units patient moment to stop and looters ... for the latest to help people ... with hearts ... but pearls of creating the The workstations credit conditions for re eulogies Cardiology Steel going to snow days ... and we're connecting patients to the caregivers at home so that's roughly what we can ... as a multitude of incredible insight and how the wet face is changing its a reason all that that is going to be unrecognizable five ten years I'm about to rise to that that ... that's about the presents ... BK is about tenuous that you took about its ... technology to us to talk about how the productivity rates has led ... to how do you reconcile the fact that ... we have more than two choices the small slack walkie Malveaux is the message a woman talk it's ... a given oldest technology ... but since Easter ... good question and something we wrestle with everyday ... it's it's clearly more than just technology things are going on in the macro economy of the world and everything else between feeding into jobs ... but our view is that digital and technology in general is a job creation machine over time but because it's happening so quickly it's the disruption ... as we call it here Davos the fourth industrial revolution ... what's happening in a very compressed period of time so it's ... dislocating many jobs ... the same time it's creating shops and it's giving me ... dislocated workers if you will ... to find new work ... that is the challenge I think if executives in the mid to late to the store bought us as individuals armed ... with the Madoff as with all the malware is nasty ... it is individuals more productive than you add five years ago ... I feel that a more productive ... of books I work with a different level of gets me ... a better role for a few was gone in different parts of the complainant allows me to communicate tweets that she directly with many of the ... people that the ... that are my teens ... ALM so it gives me a different way of ... connecting to the people within the company ... I think it's for that that ... that that that's the semester for sure is that we spend as many as six hours a day on email took the coffee pot that ... I think it could be stretched most people stay in U C backlashes in some ... countries with are trying to manage the actual hours that people are engaged and having the ... strict time that they can ... stay connected to these mechanisms but I ... idea ... I agree but I think it's the overall productivity enhancer when it's used carefully and Android allows me also to stay in touch with people and I would say ... as a consultant buses fretted systematically affected her work I would say it's a third less time for us to deliver the work or listen to use to be because of all information gathering stage of project that you can imagine ... has been compressed to ... near zero so I think it's ... helped us be more productive though it has the effect to add dimension to the people being connected ... all that ... that that that the crosswords in Davos this year ... is all sufficient substance ... before it died in spokesperson says it's can you give us a definition euro deposit others the foyer open on the stands ... yes your ... artificial intelligence is the ability your computer's ... cookies disputes to learn ... and find that it's and it's it's fundamentally different from what we've done in automation before we because we lurch be automate this ... process is that we're guided by the rules and workflow so it helps ... to know something we start looking at sinks to human beings are good that you know understanding seen veterans ... applying the moment that you derive from looking at the data ... making insights making decisions ... and that's a completely different game than what we've been automating so far ... that's going right back to nineteen sixty eight and nineteen sixty eight Stanley Kubrick rate a phone call to space Odyssey two thousand won in detail is amazing ... how the identity at such a griddle cooked skills that they took it up ... from the moths to the machine became the Moscow ... at the two thousand when Kevin Wentz ... and how that happens that something would argue that office intelligence this with the promise and cons to that it's been about what's your response to ... what I think were were certainly a long way from any world that looks like I'll in my view and from what I have been able to read of people are too low to research in the space truly human capable the characteristics are ... decades away rather than right here so I think ... some setting aside the height ... and and the reality ... that ... the focus of a reality I think what ... artificial intelligence is doing today is really augmenting thinking in many people's stops and and and I think it's come about ... very recently because ... of the complete set of ... upper trough in the cost of computing the costs of storage midcost communication what ... what I'm just ready to starting my career any strategy ... you had actually think of what was the costs of the technology to actually implement the strategy will today ... our clients ... it's really not that big consideration because with the cloud computing the cost of computers hero telecommunication seven close to zero for a while ... and who thinks about Stewart anymore have as much storage the right bonus ... some companies use to have twenty years ago so ... that this created this incredible opportunity to process ... huge amounts of data and make sense but which is what ... I think in room one of the things warning out with artificial intelligence it's ... making sense of that data ... that exists in the cost of that ... Conte underserved ... in Europe but some pots mix of it's it's ... it's it's it's a real bipartisan so just how the for its Rio has to be changing ... the significance of Rev Industries ... in Union during the Hellcat secular ... aam what is somewhat of the one at six so we'll see you really excited about that ... I'm really excited about what we ... recently launched which is on ... our kitchen intelligence for a deal that it's ... can it allows them ... to look for its is the cancer over time ... and identify how much the cancer has grown ... aam it allows them to interpret the images ... but it also allows conference is to look at the ... disease like an which ... in all of them ... all Amar picture looks like a stomach Constellation ... so ... if you do to studies in you can calculate the difference is ... you can also see the preconceived medication which is very hard for human no need to see ... we can now start seeing Alzheimer's you know before you see this and that because we look at ... what's called brain atrophy and actually your brain is shrinking you didn't know the book is that ... it is really about of how much it will be shrinks ... in you can start measuring the which is ... impossible to see with that with the naked eye ... what we do we compare to normal ... so you can start looking at these complex thinks know ... you can also start looking if you look at the cancer woman image ... you can start looking at the cell structure ... you can start looking at ... you know ... what what what are the biomarkers of the deceased ... you can you can take the genome sequence over yourself because cancer ... is a disease of sin ... now we have so much information coming together ... that's ... it's impossible for human to cross so that so ... we're not capable process in all the information ... looking at ... a very precise diagnosis ... and compare that with a whole range of treatments ... and then find your small treatment for this this is the worst ... that's impossible without is that no it says that song that he about the weapons it's about topped statistically topples it ... she just ended a different type of questions in the festival presents to put some skills with up to me ... I think a doctor or ... specialist will become much more than they did something so there will be able to complex information ... and based on that note a diagnosis treatment but you'll see debts in health care jokes will change because at the end of the health care is also beyond human connection and smiled to trust ... you create which are patients as well to support ... you give people with Crohn's disease which has already have all the population ... in the U S are ... either at risk or have a chronic disease ... so we have to change the workforce around here ... and I think it creates Temenos opportunities do ... the things that are truly human ... what the other sites we will use a lot of technology to be much better ... in detecting thinks what's more precise and I know this and much more personalized in the tree ... but there are ... all schools ... in the way out that mean for some pull ... along with six has signed its ... monetary it's it's um stopped it's ... unsafe to get from where we on now it's a way of describing ... I'm that it's not just the technology is given on the book pictured is the weakest of the ... absolutely by the way ... of structured data is what our future intelligence that ... so let's just talk about how we interpret connections ... or interpret genome sequences ... aam but yet their basic issues like people still working silo people ... like to sit on their data systems don't communicate into a patient ... but I think a lot of these issues will be result icing at the end of the day The bigger issue is how people work ... you know people still continue to work in their own little world and their departments doing their own little thing settler data ... one of the new CDs ... these increasing productivity I think it comes out ... when you transcend societal when you bring different disciplines together ... which started seeing that and health care as well where ... different specialists work together and organize around patients ... which is not really the case today if you going to all school ... is organized around special it's such a difference job of adults have very different what is ... the moments that stand out from Edmunds I'm that that that the bigger picture I'm with them ... officer intelligence ... I'm ... the chief economist of the Bank of England's ... eyes on the record as saying that in the UK and there ... I've read all takes office incentives could destroy a ... fifteen million tall stuff that's roughly fifty percent of stocks in the UK ... what's your view on that so we heading for ... just a can won't slap a few people have incredible taunts of every us that the top ... I think ... he could be right that there will be some jobs destroyed many jokes destroyed but we're going to create ... many more we believe this but I think ... it is is a ... net increase in children that you know I think the bayonet increase and drops this but the jobs are different and organized a family with what I was commenting on and I think ... well to come as a star one ... automation always automates asks not full shops ... and and I think that's an important concept the past is automated the drop is not automated now because ... technology is ... becoming ... quickly more ... effective and having more inputs and with artificial intelligence processing that task is growing and complexity that it can do ... but they are a is automating tasks much option I think ... of them a couple of other examples of health care is a perfect when we need ... more health care workers in this world ... we can't afford it ... we were doing it right now ... both AIN automation in general this increasing the productivity of their health care workforce we knew that ... the work of the hiring health care workers by the tens of thousands of this world ... and we need to hire them more productive system ... that we have them now so it's a job creation engine ... which ... we needed and ... AI and ... robotics and automation are helping us to do that ... and if you give a couple of other get this that this is that if an industry that and ... that's what I guidance forty banking's in for rougher I expect this to oversee seventieth is costs that the timing of the tub at any rate ... can you it's it's ... I think there's a great example and banking which is ... perhaps a bit counterintuitive that people would think that ... the number of travelers must be dropping dramatically because everything but a tell or someone he would welcome to the retail bank branch ... should be done by a robot or automated but in fact when you look at the rise of the ... ATM so there are many teller machines and other technologies ... that the employment until it's actually grow ... the question is what did they do ... because when when you've taken off so many of the tasks that the teller use to do and put it into a machine or made it online ... you may but so are more productive and made that Taylor less expensive for the banks of what they've done is they've heard ... more tellers but they do different routes the relationship banking ... responsibilities of looking for other products that they can serve it with from the bank when you go into a branch ... are not doing below and tasks ... that they use it so didn't destroy jobs and ... were still creating tested this ... week so we'll see the sights it's ... the mobile medical ions and I think ... it was awesome about professions that are changing very profound way ... at the same time will they be expected to walk a lot longer than that time it ... was ... in talks to the ... concept ... of how we can to reconcile the due out at CEO ... Dick cetera to technology ATMs ... having to work ... for a longer career ... what does that mean in terms of education training we often do ... you recall I think personality it's a good thing were all getting to work longer because it means we're living ... longer I think this is really happening because of life spans from an overturned this country which were in a late fifties early sixties have been the most to me so it's giving us all a chance to be more productive from the current time ... but I think we're seeing a dramatic change in our people want more ... of the ... our research that we recently published seventy five percent of the workforce in ten years will be millennials those born after nineteen ninety thirty percent RTR their expectations of work and a job ... very different than the expectations of ... a prior workers they want ... faster project based and any sorts of things that ... move quickly ... and to do that they're willing to teach and train themselves to do different tasks that are not looking to come out ... and get a job for five years or ten years of Korea or a company it's not ... that the bottom the state's case the cases in Razz is ... nice is that CBA you have the ... best of education to get some bouts of its but he won ... the debate on trading along the way to the new top know that most sorties cricket yet it ... of course is really like you know ... I don't wanna think about retirement you know I could improve your your life's gonna look like this you know in terms of work ... and ... the same applies to pretty you know that it will be crazy you I was trade as computer scientists ... a lovable learned is completely irrelevant to try it you know I have to completely reset them and I didn't see that and how we get it right lol people to to to get it ... take the time often to do that but ... I think technology plays a big role there the the most of the open online courses and you know ... all the ... great promise now so you can ... you do a lecture or ... you know get classes from the best professors in the world anyway ... and I know my my son who's a millennial ... um you know as a great job ... aam but the studies ... in the weekends ... he wants to learn ... you know ... artificial intelligence he was trained for it ... is ... I got on the stand this could all be heading towards a future where ... the thoughts ... that lead to some who would educated ... physical discipline to continue to educate themselves for ... that everybody apps ... and it isn't that big risk Democratic race has sought to wear a ... computer Heidi to detect mostly people who break it it does help educate participants ... of the negativity us that the fifty million people that's that that that that that the time to come back to his surprise it ... was what happens is people who are malts ... continues the education the South Sea Renault about missed most of it says it all I'm saying ... in this recent work for the sudden we found that almost ninety percent of the ... workers this was a broad based servant not touched a high and college educated workers walked one ... and they know that technology is displacing their job so I think the counter intuitive point I would make is ... that they wanna learn they want to do things differently they're just not being unable to do what we have a ... concept eccentric week all-time way to learn and learning all the time we it's me create opportunities for ... our consultants to constantly refreshed their learning ... they have to do it but we have to create these platforms with are ... constantly learning on the job and through ... whether it's massively online open courses MLPs or ... more problems than it has reached a twenty thousand people ... would you you you have the toughest things I've found is that it's been good at it What summation of all it's ... about this people some of us that Oaks as a result of past and been replaced by machines ... and this is an ex ensure operations where we are running programs running things for our clients where automating things all the time the colic Micra box we look for ... the tasks to do in America of the technology now with its new visualization rather sweet can ... eliminate ... and then we find ways to get to make them more productive at the stern quads or a new job for them so we're still ... higher in and of its operations practice even though we ... eliminated twenty thousand jobs we hired ... twenty thousand people it's productivity that then ... feeds back to our clients benefit ... when do ... we can use the same technology ... to help people tree you know were looking to meet the condition ... no games to touch people new skills ... for tour the two old men to reality ... so you know you learn a new set of skills mature Altman's minded acknowledging down Hwy from dips ... that does make a big difference what your ... which background so everybody can be ... I'm excited to get excited about ... learning is again so I think we need to be much more creative also in ... and how we bring you know ... that it's steamy million people will as it is that the hives ... that a hundred thousand dollars a year and be a ... Shorty desk all long this well is that ... well ... I don't know ... it's ... probably too hard for me to protect I think there will be ... business schools around for quite some time and I think they're going to be producing graduates who earn and that so I think the question what are they can be given and what skills to they kept coming through the script ... I think you you referred to it yet and in one here ... question some Amigo that maybe our education system as it just because what we see our clients and what we're doing is as censure ... is changing our training programs because we're not getting the skills that while there are plenty of jobs to be added ... but the skills are not there so we are retraining people ... and I think eventually that passed the play its way back into the education system and ... certainty and MBA programs need to produce ... different skill sets and students coming out now is ... that they're in YouTube it's a dose of his another deal ... millennials expectations of the workplace funds immensely ... tips Speidell ... and ... it is a mix of woods yet we ... we followed the steps ... of them on a work in teams right ... and there wanna ... work with people with different disciplines which I think it's perfect because that's what we need to ... so we put teams together where we have programmers but also designers clinical experts who operational people we put him on one team ... they create the deliverable together in ... the US to learn to speak each other's language ... and increase the one I understand that you mention this is what what's her role ... in ... the bigger picture ... you know how do we contribute ... to do will you ... we also find that a lot people sensitive to ... you know ... the mission of the company so we explicitly animation were recently won a ... positive impact on Mobileye If spoke three billion people ... by two dollars and twenty five we already have trailed seventy million ... patients that are hooked up to our monitors in their moment needs them ... we see that this appeals to a lot of people gives them a sense of purpose in their work as well so ... both the in in in our and the more interesting work because you work with other people you work together on something ... but also you ... you have ... a deeper purpose in your work and I think all these aspects are really import more mission based GM all projects based ... on modesty in your sessions far right is that ... expectation about annuals is that what will people that it's ... and I think it does to bill us of the road but I think ... that is where love of learning ... so that there's formal learning for sure I think that's can play a role ... but when you're on a project with designers with computer scientists trying to do ... a project and and that's where you have amassed by learning and I think that's what fuels their passion and interest ... and so what we're seeing are ... both our clients and an extension or ... the millennials OneMain single digit months works projects that has a conclusion that they've created something out of that and then to move on and I think ... it has ... profound implications for our March wanted to meet the design ... not a ... functional ... role for jobs but something that is more project based and that people can move around the company in two different things over short periods of time ... um you one example and ... in our technology part of our job we use to have testers people who would test software test the product ... they're going with that job that tax ... is going away ... and it's not a test people love to do anymore anyway ... testing is built into the process through automation ... we're not taking Bets skilled person and they're coming in to design a product that delivers an outcome ... a much better job ... in me and an automation is taking one pass cuts were redesigning ... the other ... implication we talk about in this report is a liquid workforce ... were seeing ourselves but also many of our clients ... hiring people project but it's not hiring them and that the company with an expectation of a five or ten or twenty year career ... just for this particular project and so the ... economy of ... individuals who are ... self hiring if you will to her own little companies and entities with the skill sets is growing dramatically ... and companies need to learn to tap into that what we call liquid reports that the scope of Thrones implications for the way that traditional companies organized it is worthy of rounds ... the puppets are launched monolithic departments the top and sides for the job that ... sickly well ... and what you're describing is far more budget baseball more top scorer it's it's it's ... typically it's but look if you think about it ... still a local priest to bear the remains of a hundred year old model right in the assembly line you write decompose working to functions ... older marking day supermarket to unionize on the assembly line she didn't know you breaking down though ... you you basically say I'm going to pull these disciplines and put them together ... I'm gonna make an overall more to do with because ... some of the specialists I'm a croak Schorsch Orion and the Emperor and the only team ... that creates a level three with a T but also makes it much more interesting ... I totally agree with your all in all on the job learning you do because you're talking to other people that bring different perspectives ... I think that's the future will work and that can be very exciting because ... it's much more direct and people say you know automation makes ... makes jokes you know disappear but I think automation ... can be huge open invitation to the way you do your job and can enrich until it we ... just understand how to apply to its technology to develop ... a movin in a new recession think one of the statistics in two sizes that some seventy six percent of millennials ... um what did they don't score by customers to point out the what's the outcome and the weapon upon to defend what I'm made of all ... again that stocks will change the way the country's east of what it ... tough for sure and and and so ... they have the skills to make those expectations reality so they don't ... know they know they didn't top of the necklace doing that ... and so we are adjusting to that met them and I think ... that's absolutely right it's ... only the leaders of these companies can change the way work is done ... and that's why we ... have been saying it's whether it's the CEO of the most senior leaders in the company ... they have to get gauge to redesigned wing workers about the bottle ... right now because we have these ... organizations that were structured to do a task whether it's marketed or testing is a good example because we wanted ... experts and that ... well technology is changing when an expert is ... and we're bringing these multi disciplines together into ... something that couldn't be done before ... and only the most senior people in a company can change the way work is organized to says that some of the debate about some cases of several but say is that's ... techno is it that much not to rule and set ... off this intelligence ... was saying it's ... keeping your skill set ... it's it's can it be in the one in parts the warm thoughts ... on the BOE will sustain the Corpus boxes can be very different from all budgets and cost ... factors ... but this has led you to outpaces comics but it's kind of thing is ... I think we're still somewhere in between you know we're still with one vote in our ... you know ... functional world the more than one food in the new world but if we complete the transition to the new world we work with millennials that like to work that way ... I think it can be all four tickets and you know it especially millennials have learned how to work ... because that's going to be the way of the future ... so I think ... the issues we have right now is because we still have a big generation in the workforce ... that was brought up ... in the assembly line mobile ... Mr progress ... I'm not here and at the time of its ... budget ...